About Us

Our Purpose

Tuyan is a Tribal 8(a) company forged in partnership between Ninilchik Tribe and CITC Enterprises, Inc. (CEI). As an SBA 8(a) certified company, Tuyan is built to execute complex government contracting opportunities professionally and efficiently. With decades of experience in 8(a) contracting, Tuyan’s leadership team can manage projects of any size, scope, or budget, working to align resources with goals at every stage to ensure dependable, high-quality results.

But Tuyan’s purpose goes beyond just profits. When you partner with Tuyan, you are supporting Tribal programs and services that help Alaska Native people reach their endless potential. Through a unique structure that links Ninilchik Tribe, CEI, and Anchorage-based Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), a portion of Tuyan’s profits are reinvested into its community through a series of integrated services that support workforce development, youth education, addiction and recovery, and family services.

At its core, Tuyan is a modern 8(a) contracting company built upon a foundation of Alaska Native values, tradition, and culture.

Our Story

The Alaska Native story is a story of innovation.

For thousands of years, Alaska Native people have thrived in some of the most unforgiving environments on earth, relying on complex cultures, traditions, and relationships for survival, with eyes forward to the future.

Tuyan, LLC stands upon this foundation of strength, resilience, and innovation. Formed as a partnership between Alaska-based Ninilchik Tribe and CITC Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), our mission is to pick up the tools of the modern world to create value in a technology-driven marketplace.

We are guided by an ancient belief that we are the architects of our future, that the way forward is by designing, building, and innovating together—always stronger in partnership. We are investing in Our People, leveraging emerging technologies, and aligning with organizations who are working today to create the future of tomorrow.

We’ve assembled a team of proven leaders who know how to navigate 8(a) contracting in Alaska and beyond. We’re growing a company that knows what it means to walk alongside Our People as we build a thriving, culturally inspired future together.

Our Leadership

Troy Hills
General Manager

Troy Hills has 35 years of experience in the construction industry, with an emphasis on estimating and construction management. A former 8(a) certified business owner, Troy has overseen projects across a broad range of industries and managed large-scale client budgets to achieve desired results. Troy is a CIRI Shareholder.

Dave Korpi
Inspection Manager/Sr. Engineering PM

Dave Korpi has nearly 30 years of experience as a Project Engineer, Construction Engineer, and Tank/Pipeline Inspector. He’s proven in his ability to assist clients in defining project scopes, managing and facilitating the design process, and supporting construction with infrastructure inspection and management. Dave is a seasoned engineer with experience across a range of clients, including support for the military, commercial aviation, industrial marine, and regional energy supply industries.

Randy Downing, P.E.
Engineering Manager/Principal Engineer

Randy Downing has more than 15 years of experience providing innovative engineering solutions for industrial, commercial, and government clients. He has comprehensive knowledge of multiple engineering disciplines, and serves as a reliable construction manager providing services including permitting, critical path scheduling and analysis, contractor interaction, and cost analysis tracking systems. Randy is consistently recognized for his outstanding contributions and commended for perseverance, efficiency, and priority management skills.

Floyd Adlawan
Contracts compliance officer

Floyd Adlawan is a high-performing, organized management professional with 30 years of experience in all levels.  Proven efficiency and expertise working with domestic and international clients. Exceptional ability to work in both low and high resource environments, improvise solutions and consistently meet and exceed demands.

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