Partnering with Tuyan

When considering strategic business partners, we look for an overall collaboration which incorporates strong teaming values, a logical business approach, technical offering, past performance, and customer relationship management. 

The criteria we use to select teaming partners for specific opportunities include:

  • Understanding of the customer’s mission
  • Relevant customer experience
  • Relevant work experience
  • Financial stability
  • Bonding capabilities (single & aggregate)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Staffing capabilities
  • Ability to contribute and develop both proposal and marketing efforts
  • Past performance ratings
  • Awards/certifications received
Advantages of Working with a Tribally-Owned 8(a) Small Business
  • Awards that cannot be protested (13CFR §124.517(a))
  • Sole-source contracting above the $4M threshold (13CFR §124.506(b))
  • Sole-source contracting up to $100M without justification and authorization (13CFR §124.506(b)(5))
  • Sole-source contracting that eliminates the time and cost of market research, acquisition strategies, solicitation, proposal review and contractor selection
Advantages of Working with Tuyan, LLC
  • Honest and transparent negotiations to meet client’s contracting needs
  • Significant financial stability
  • Delivery success of a large business with responsiveness of a small business

Sole-Source Opportunities

As a tribally-owned 8(a) small business, Tuyan, LLC is exempt from the competitive $4 million sole-source contracting limit placed on other 8(a) certified small businesses. The exemption opens up opportunities to negotiate sole-source contracts that maximize our client’s organizational benefits, meet their financial expectations, accomplish their missions and establish invaluable partnerships.

Sole-source contracting expedites delivery of the required services and eliminates the need for government contracting officers to execute a costly and time-consuming full acquisition process. Because a sole-source contract cannot be protested, Tuyan’s experienced technical and management staff can begin performing the contracted services immediately.

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