GSIS AK Service Lines
  • Cybersecurity
  • National Security
  • Physical Security

GSIS AK is an Anchorage, Alaska-based limited liability company operated under the shared ownership of Tuyan, LLC and Global Security Innovative Strategies (GSIS). While GSIS AK is a newly formed entity, the missions of our parent companies and the expertise of our executives enable us to provide unrivaled security services.

Who is GSIS?

GSIS is an integrated security consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC. GSIS was founded by senior national security and law enforcement officials and provides bespoke security solutions around the world to governments, corporations, individuals, and not-for-profits.

We offer our clients and partners actionable, strategic counsel and support. We engage agencies in the federal law enforcement, homeland security and defense sectors and develop and implement growth plans to meet desired outcomes.

GSIS also provides a full suite of security services, including supply chain security, investigations, crisis management, due diligence, and cyber and aviation security.

Security Experts

Noah Kroloff is a Principal and Co-Founder of GSIS. Prior to founding GSIS, Mr. Kroloff spent two decades in public service, serving in leadership positions in state and federal government, including more than four years as Chief of Staff of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from 2009-2013.

James ‘Jim’ McJunkin is a Principal at GSIS. Prior to joining GSIS, Mr. McJunkin was the Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Discover Financial Services and spent nearly three decades as a law enforcement professional in the state and federal government.

Frank O’Neill is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Cybersecurity at GSIS. Prior to joining GSIS, Mr. O’Neill was the Lead Information Security Assessor at Discover Financial Services and spent nearly three decades working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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